One of a kind paintings made with love and handled with care


Quality and expertise are important to me, each artwork is finished with a coat of high quality varnish and has a precisely installed hanging system.



When you choose to have your artwork framed there are several color options.

During the framing process I use countersunk screws so that the wall will not be damaged.


Worldwide shipping

Each artwork is firmly packed in a cardbord box.




What started as a hobby has grown into a passion and has become a full time job.

I see my work as an addition to an interior and I like to make pieces that can be an eye-catcher.

My works can be very colorful but also more natural toned and I often add some metallics.

Abstract art is what appeals to me the most because there are no rules and everyone experiences it differently.

It’s also a way to vent my perfectionism in a playful way.


Frances Eckhardt (1993) Self-taught artist based in The Netherlands



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